Pata Dekho Supports ‘Women Empowerment’

Our society is guided by definite number of rules – formal or informal, written or not written, that define how peoples of the community are anticipated to behave, how they should implement one to one interaction , what is acceptable or not. These so-called “social norms” pervade many aspects of our day to day lives. They are often so deeply-rooted that one may have a hard time in determining norms imposed upon them by society. Gender relations are one part of our lives where the role and impact of social norms are obvious to be implemented. Even today, gender roles continue to apply significant influence over the way men and women behave and how they interact.

Today is 8th March again. As another International Women’s Day, make some speeches about some outstanding women’s contribution towards the society, talk on the need for more empowerment. According to our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi women should empower themselves technologically and become successful as people’s representatives in the system that would not sufficient, women should try to develop an independent image as a public representative. Make an attempt to build your own impression in your region. Once the image of your working style and views is established among people, it will last for long. You will see people accepting your ideas.

One such example of women empowerment is Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer. After getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Stanford University and a Master’s of Science, the former served as a Google employee for 13 years, now has taken control of Yahoo and rebuild its Internet presence in this web world. Till today, Mayer purchased over 21 companies for “acqui-hires,” according to Forbes, as well as the popular blogging website Tumblr. Forbes committed that she plans to increase Yahoo’s social media presence, which includes hiring Katie Couric. In the male-dominated field of technology, few women are capable to break the boundaries and make a huge difference.


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