Pata Dekho – A Free Socially Powered Business Directory

If you run a local business or want to target audiences in a particular geo-location, then you will have to move beyond general rules and guides for search and social optimization. Today, this article will take you through on how you can make your business more powerful by using a free socially powered business directory. Before you develop your website, social media profiles or anchor text for link building are important and you should be clear in your mind what keywords you want to use when it comes to local search. Once you have your keyword list with you, the next thing you will have to do is to build your own website for local search and let search engines realize what locations you are targeting by involving geo-specific information, keywords or phrases in the particular places on your site.

The Pata Dekho will help small businesses to achieve success in less time. We do this by showcasing companies profile and sharing it with local customers, tricks relevant to small business ownership in the 21st century. It is fact that every local business has a story. We especially like to feature businesses that focus or make their products locally, so enroll with us as we meet neighbourhood merchants, hotels, restaurants, artists, local vendors and more from all over Rajasthan. Pata Dekho believes that any small business – no matter the industry – can succeed in online market. We are here to empower small business owners in order to grow their companies and expand their reach. We are committed to providing a platform for small businesses across the country and technologies that can help any small business to become great.

Keep all this things in mind which is crucial for your business and local listing services that consists a verification process. They want to make sure that the business information provided by you is correct and not used for false practices. One by one all of these services are finding ways to fabricate the service, usually by giving more features within a small fee. For instance, Pata Dekho offers the basics for free. Contact number, address, website URL, store hours of operation, products and services. In upcoming time they may charge a small fee for “supplement” listings where you can add your logo, maximum photos and may be more details about your business.



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