Organic Ways To Improve Your Local Business

Organic Ways To Improve Your Local Business

Local businesses in other words related to local SEO in order to drive visitors to their physical locations as well as bringing online sales. With so many customers armed with smartphone and tablet devices in these days, making local search engine optimization an important tool of every local marketing strategy. If you are looking to increase your online exposure and want to improve your local business visibility then use these tips.

List your business to prominent business directories

One mistake that every small business owners make is attempting to get listed on every business directory. There are many low quality spammy directories that can actually hurt your organic rankings. Focus on reliable local business directories like Pata Dekho that are related to your industry as well as your location. If you focus on high quality business directories they will actually work in your favor, by helping people to find your business when they perform a search in the directories. Some high quality directory can do wonders in order to improve the position of your business in the local Google search results.

Make sure your listing is complete

There is a chance that you already have a Google+ listing, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Having a complete or fully optimized Google+ local page is essential for your business in order to be displayed in the local search results. Google exhibits the local results on the top of the search results, so make sure that you take necessary steps to fully optimize your listing. Make sure that you have completed every section of the profile including attractive images because Google displays local listing images in the search results. You also want to make sure that the address you have registered in your Google+ listing is accurate because it appears on your site.

Smart social media strategy

Every week a new social network popping up, but that doesn’t mean that you need to use each one. Most local business owners devote less time to social media, so it is important to participate on the platforms that will generate you traffic. Picking the right social media platforms brings you closer to your target customer. The big 3 players that most local businesses can take advantage are Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Insist customers to write review

Local business reviews are important, but you require gathering local reviews in the right manner. Telling customers to post reviews or offering them something to leave a review is not right approach. Be creative and find ways to let your customers know how they can post a review if they wish, instead of bribing or directly instructing them.


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