Make Money Through Pata Dekho

                                Make Money Through Pata Dekho

In my opinion the best way to make money would be by local business directory sites like Pata Dekho. They are easy to manage, easily set up, simple to rank and automatically brings traffic and generate lots of money. Local business directories act as an online phone book. Nobody uses Yellow Pages in today’s time and everyone turns to internet when they are searching for information and your website can attract their attention too. If you stay in a small town, you can build up one directory that lists all the businesses in that area. If possible, it’s good to set up a niche website as it will be easier for SEO.

The crucial thing here is to find and choose your place. Preferably, you will choose place that consist a good number of challenging websites and with such kind of websites, it’s actually good to have a more competition on the initial page of Google. A number of small scale local businesses in today’s time have a website of their businesses and are aware of the importance of ranking well in various search engines. For say if there 30 to 40 electricians in city, they won’t exhibited on the 1st page of Google results. Select a relevant domain name for your directory and set up a theme or program. Your aim now is to get your website ranked well on Google.

In order to get exhibited at the top of the index you have to upload it with some rich keyword or content and can also attach blogs. Write articles with helpful tips and knowledge about your business. Some work on website promotion – marketing of article, link building and other techniques you use for your other websites. Now your website ranks at the top for various keywords and you can contact local businesses and observe that if they like to get rewarded by getting included in your directory. Those who exhibited on page one will bounce at the chance so your bet is to begin with the businesses that have the low rankings. When you add content to their website that will give you even more help to improve your website’s power and soon you will have local businesses begging to include in your directory.


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