Hidden Truth About Local Listings

Hidden Truth About Local Listings

Mention local business listings websites like (Pata Dekho, Just Dial, India-Mart, etc) and people’s eyes tend to glaze over. This might be because they connect them with annoying websites that take up space on the first page of searches, or because they think they are only for plumbers, electricians, etc. Or maybe they simply haven’t got their head round them because on closer investigation. Today we will discuss some interesting things you probably hadn’t considered about local business listings and what they could do for your business.


  • They aren’t certainly that local. While some of the really ‘home grown’ or community-based websites are as local as a single, many more such as those mentioned above Pata Dekho, Just Dial and others, have nationwide reach but provide more local listings within their portal.

  • Local business listings aren’t just about ‘trafficking’. They include professions, crafts, designers, IT experts, consultants and pretty much every kind of business. If you are a management consultant company you might not want to appear on a small community website, but definitely in the national listing website like Pata Dekho.

  • They can be as expert as you are. For example there are some excellent, free businesses listing websites like Pata Dekho specifically for companies specializing in interiors, architecture and home building, etc. with facilities to upload photography.

  • Apart from being just ‘listings’, many of the better quality business listing websites permit you to include testimonials, blogs, photography and more.

  • Arguably the most powerful and influential ingredient of your local listing, both in presenting your business as a legitimate listing and in gaining trust with users. The more reviews the better even 2 or 3 reviews can make a huge difference.

  • Pata Dekho gives you the opportunity to create a limited-time offer that gives your listing more visibility.

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