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Are you a small Business owner? You have probably received a phone call that goes something like: Hello, I am just calling to confirm a few facts about your business. Is your address is 1234 Main Street? What is your main products in which you deal? Is your contact number still -@@@@ well you get the picture. The company calling you is probably some local business directory like Pata Dekho that produce data feeds. They verified your information and updated business information to places like Google or Yahoo Local Listings, which then takes the information in order to create local business listings for internet search.

Loaded with this information and after creating your business listing on Google Local then the ball is in your court as a business owner (you) to “claim” the listing and add your data. This may be related to your business descriptions, photos, working hours, etc. A number of small business owners are ignoring these existing rules and regulations of Local Business Listing websites because they are either too busy or not completely understanding the SEO thing as it is annoying and a bit confusing. Moreover, updating your local business listing should be a crucial part of your small business marketing planning.

Keep all this in mind that all of the local listing services have a verification process. They want to make sure that the business information provided by you is correct and not used for false practices. One by one all of these services are finding ways to fabricate the service, usually by giving more features within a small fee. For instance, Pata Dekho offers the basics for free. Contact number, address, website URL, store hours of operation, products and services. In upcoming time they may charge a small fee for “supplement” listings where you can add your logo, maximum photos and may be more details about your business.


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