Bring Your Local Business Online

Do you have a local business and not making the money it deserves? Well you would like to gain more clients and online space just like other local businesses have profited from? Do you want to expand your brand online presence and want to learn the right way to have a great social media presence? There are many ways to bring your business online and selecting the wrong way can be costly and terrible. You must do your market research first, it is an important process that never ends up but you have to start from someplace. The first thing you need to do is to recognize your local competition. It means different things for different businesses and depends on your market, whatever the market conditions you must identify the competition that falls into your bracket.

Go through Local Directories – like Pata Dekho. Don’t follow those old fashioned Telephone Directories either like Yellow Pages in today’s techno world. Only when you have a good listing in local businesses directories from online sources, you will gain benefit. Start by checking all the search phrases you would expect when someone find your business. You need to make notes of the top 20 or so results for each search. Are they local businesses? Are they larger businesses targeting your area? etc. Once you have done that search for each of the companies that you have identified in your original offline search, don’t forget to search for your own business and see if you appear anywhere in Google – and what folks are saying about you.

Throughout this process you should be taking a number of notes so that your searching process ends up with a clear picture of what the competition is all about, what kind of presence they have both in terms of their own websites and on others. You should also have a good idea of what style and type of websites work well in your market area. Once you have done all this basic research you will have a proper picture in your mind of how your competitors are marketing their businesses and you can make the decision accordingly about whether to bring your business online or not and if yes, how to sustain in the competition.


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