Be Where Your Customers ARE?

Be Where Your Customers ARE?

Whether you own a local business with a great deal in your city or a hardware store with premium quality products, your customers are always on the Internet searching about your services, your locations, your hours of working and more. As a business owner, it’s important to know that when they search. However, a local business requires optimized local listings for different reasons as compare to any executive law firm. Those reasons mainly define that the content you require to have on your website – a PDF of your menu, a separate section for reviews and ratings – in order to guarantee your visibility to your followers. In this article, we will discuss why local listings are important in each industry, followed by some online survey of consumers and what business owners should do in order to get their local listings easily find by their customers so that it can be converted into sales.

When it comes to search results, people are generally tend to see your website’s SEO title tag and Meta description or other related extract from your website. Make these two important areas count for local search. Another good option to search engines is your local street address and contact number on all pages. A number of businesses put this information in their website’s footer. Be sure that should be in the text and not with an image. This is good for search engine and also for people on their smart-phones. Now if you have more than one location but only one website? NO problem. Just create a page on your website particular to each physical location. Now when, anyone searching for your business in a particular region, city or state you will be directed to the relevant page.

Once you have claimed the listings of your business, you will have to start finding new ones. Generating listings on local business directories where your competitors have listings will help you to get in front of your target audience. What keywords and phrases does your business target in search? Do a quick search for them in order to see which local directories rank in the top ten search results. Most keyword searches related to local businesses will lead you to your website. After you have done for the directories that rank for your business name, your competitors, and your target keywords, you will have to do the same research on mobile search as well. This will assist you to find extra directories that are favorites for mobile users. Pata Dekho fulfills all such criteria’s so list your business now.

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