5 Ways To Advertise Your Local Business

Now you don’t have to take out an entire page color advertisement of your business in your local paper in order to let your customers know that you are open locally for business. With some sensible marketing tactics, you can put yourself strongly on your local business map, without paying a penny – as there are a few ways in which you can promote your enterprise for free in your local area through various local business directories like Pata Dekho.

List Your Business on Popular Local Directories

Getting customers to find out where you are above all, and one of the best ways local businesses can be found online is by adding your company to local online business directories. There are a number of popular online directories, including Pata Dekho. Make sure you place all your details so that you found by your customers and clients who are after your services.

Be active on Social Media

It’s equally important to know who will be your target audience as this is one of the most popular ways to get noticed in short span of time. You can promote any news, events and interact with your audience regarding with your business as well as also post your blog content through the most common social media channels, including Facebook, Google+ LinkedIn or Twitter.

Verify Your Listing

This can be verified by anyone belong to your business. Pata Dekho will send a Log-in ID/Password on your mobile number or email ID, and as long as someone enters this Log-in ID/Password onto your listing it means that you are verified and can gain the benefits for the same. These include more opportunities to appear within Google local searchers, the opportunity to connect with your local customers, and also the opportunity to gain reviews from your customers that will then show up your star ratings.

Use Email Marketing

This method is quick, effective and easy to design. You can also track and understand how your email marketing software is expanding your business and see how individual customers respond towards your business so that you can increase sales over a certain period of time.

Attend Local Networking Events

The best way to meet new your local contacts or potential customers is to organize and start networking locally. Make a habit of attending events and meet-ups totally focused on your business topic and participate in one-to-one conversations by asking questions or volunteer to speak at a live conference.


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