5 Crucial Ways To Bring More Online Traffic

                          5 Crucial Ways To Bring More Online Traffic

Google is a faster, better and cheaper source of traffic to bring more online web-traffic. But everyone knows that, what might not familiar to anyone, is your blog writing, better visible content that ranks you above by many of your competitors in various search results. There can be various reasons for this. One should not have good on-page SEO, lack of quality backlinks or too much competition regarding your target keywords. Today we will discuss some crucial factors that can bring decent amount of web-traffic on your website:

Technical SEO

Technical SEO relates to everything that affects the performance of your blog writing and its relations with various search engines. A blog with powerful SEO not only makes things easier for search engines to crawl but also provides a better user experience to its followers. So, if you have a powerful on-Page SEO as well as Off-page SEO, you can rank better in search results without taking much pain.

Host your blog

The quality of your site hosting is important thing that should not be compromised. It is the engine that brings everything on your blog writing. It should be secure, trustable and according to latest performance quality. It is important because your blog is hosted on poor quality servers and every performance will be affected by it. If your hosting servers goes down again and again for longer periods, your rank will definitely suffers. The chances of hacking increases and you will be blacklisted quickly or erased from all various search results.

Good content load speed

One of the core values of Google is to provide an easy user experience to its visitors. This brings down hard on poorly managed websites, even if they have good content and in 2010, Google officially declared that in a ranking factor page load speed plays a crucial role and will penalized those websites that did not match with it.  According to Google:

  • Always use a content delivery network
  • Optimize images on your blog posting
  • Only use essential WordPress plugins

Responsive Theme

Is your website or blog is mobile friendly? If not then you are in a great mess. If you miss out your potential customers than how will you survive? As near about 50 percent of online searches made through smartphone devices, that is why Google gives more preference to mobile friendly websites.

Crawl-friendly website structure

This totally depends on number of clicks. If it is more than 4-5 clicks, Google will take more in order to crawls your site and index your content. A Google spider is however uses internal links on your blog writing to recognize relevant pages so that they can be indexed. When Google spiders crawls a particular category, internal links lead them in that category. So the structure of your website should be crawl-friendly.


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